The Scientific Committee of ACSTM

The Scientific Committee is responsible for overseeing the peer review of submitted abstracts and selection of participants. The Committee acts independently to design a program to ensure that any scientific material published or presented under the auspices of the ACSTM has the appropriate level of scientific merit.

Program Committee for

Agricultural Sciences

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Emerging and reemerging viruses are spotted as major cause of increased death rates, significant burden on public health, and economic stability of nations around the globe. Viral pathogens have recently posed high public health concerns and even created havocs in general public due to their pandemic threats owing to rapid spread, increased virulence and potential to affect large number of human population while crossing international boundaries in a quick way. Topics include but not limited to: Veterinary infectious diseases, Pediatric infectious diseases, Respiratory and pulmonary infectious diseases, Infection and immune system, Zika/Ebola viruses, Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, Diseases of reproductive organs and sexually transmitted diseases, Problems in infectious disease practice, Communicable/Non-Communicable diseases, Prevention of Methicillin-resistant S aureus (MRSA), Vaccines/Preventive Vaccine for Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease and Contagious Diseases, Preventing and Controlling Viral Hepatitis, Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines, Global Eradication of diseases, Virus Emergency, Virus-Vector-Host interactions, Genomic Diversity, Virus Evolution, Zoonotic Viruses, Viral Epidemiology, Pronounce Emerging Viruses as well as Pathogenesis, Pharmacological perspectives, drug discovery, therapeutic avenues, vaccination and gene therapy, virology-immunology and pharmacology.

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